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About Catbird

Software-Defined Segmentation and Security for the Hybrid IT Infrastructure

As organizations virtualize their Data Centers and roll-out private or hybrid clouds, they have to rethink the way they secure their assets. While some organizations still believe that traditional perimeter security technologies are sufficient to also protect their virtual infrastructure, the reality is different. Security controls deployed at the perimeter of an organization are effective when it comes to applying coarse-grained security policies across large volumes of traffic coming from and going to the Internet. Those controls, however, are mostly blind to traffic moving back and forth between systems residing in the virtual infrastructure (so-called east-west traffic). 

The solution is to complement the existing security layer with software-based security technologies deployed within the virtual infrastructures. Catbird is a pioneer in this space. At Catbird we develop security software designed from the ground up to provide visibility into and protection of private and hybrid clouds, and virtual data centers. Besides providing you a way to structure your virtual assets into logical assets groups (typically an application or application tier) and analyzing how those groups interact with each other, our technology also allows putting a security wrapper around each of those logical assets groups. This model of securing your environment – also known as micro-segmentation – allows you to define smaller but more fine-grained policies, and thus pushes the old perimeter model down to the application.

Catbird is headquartered in Scotts Valley, California with a Federal Office in Virginia and global representation across Europe and Asia.