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Catbird Insight

Discover, Visualize, Analyze

Catbird Insight automatically and continuously discovers all assets in your virtual fabric, allows the grouping of these assets into logical Catbird TrustZones® and visualizes asset relationships and the east-west traffic flows between them for improved analytics.

Deploying Catbird Insight provides you with the following instant benefits:

  • Real Time Inventory: You know exactly – in real time – all the assets that exist within your virtual fabric. A business unit within your organization just deployed a new VM? You’ll know about it instantly.
  • Logical Grouping: You can group assets into logical segments – which we call Catbird TrustZones - allowing you to structure your virtual fabric to support the needs of the business. You can group assets any way you want – by application, by application tier, by business unit, by compliance framework, etc.
  • Visualization: You can visualize the traffic flows between Catbird TrustZones. This detailed, real-time view of how traffic is flowing in and out of your logical groups is generated based on NetFlow traffic.
  • Analytics: You can slice and dice all information gathered by Catbird Insight. A powerful analytics capability allows you to look for misconfigurations, anomalies, and opportunities to tighten security policies.

Catbird Insight Overview

Catbird Insight Data Sheet  - "See Your Virtual Infrastructure in a Way Never Before Possible"