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Platforms and Integrations

Catbird has Integrated its Software-defined Security Suite with the Following Virtualization and Cloud Management Platforms

VMware - Server virtualization platform, network virtualization platform and (distributed) virtual firewall

Catbird and VMware® are working together to help enterprises visualize and secure their virtual network and server components. Catbird works with VMware’s server virtualization platform (vSphere® and its ESX® hypervisor) and VMware’s network virtualization platform (NSX®). Catbird also supports VMware’s firewall technologies (vCNS firewall app and the NSX Distributed Firewall) as part of Catbird Secure. Learn more

VCE Vblock - Integrated infrastructure platform running VMware

VCE builds and assembles Vblock™ converged infrastructure systems using EMC storage, Cisco servers and networking, and VMware virtualization technology. Catbird Insight and Catbird Secure form the perfect complement to VCE’s Vblock VMware environment, visualizing and analyzing network traffic within the virtual fabric, and enforcing network security and compliance policies. Learn more

Cisco - Virtual firewall

Catbird and Cisco® are working together to strengthen security and dramatically reduce the cost and complexity of compliance in the data center. Learn more

OpenStack - Open source cloud computing platform

With the availability of Catbird for OpenStack, Catbird now is the first and only solution to enable security policy to move across on- and off-premise infrastructure and across the leading cloud platforms (VMware ESX, NSX, and OpenStack). Learn more