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Case Studies

Airport Authority - Video Surveillance Network

Rapid Network and Security Problem Solving with Indianapolis Airport Authority. The Network and Security teams at Indianapolis International Airport (IAA had been analyzing a crash condition on their video surveillance network for months.  Using packet captures to diagnose the problem created huge amounts of data, but didn’t get them any closer to identifying the offending network traffic. Their environment was 99% virtualized, and none of their existing tools were able to provide a clear view of the whole picture. The volume of traffic literally crashed the data monitoring tools. The data they did collect was overwhelming in volume, and they and they lacked the tools to properly view and analyze their east-west traffic.

"This problem had been going on unsolved for months! Catbird allowed us to identify and solve the problem within days…”  Stan Mays, IAA Network Administrator

Education - Continuous Cloud Compliance

Universities and colleges are faced with a unique set of challenges as they virtualize their data centers. Since a large portion of funding for science and healthcare programs is procured from government grants and contracts, infrastructure must meet regulatory requirements as dictated by those grants and contracts. For instance, FISMA and HIPAA compliance is mandatory in order to receive government funds from agencies such as NASA and CDC. Failure to implement the recommended security controls will result in fines and put revenue at risk — potentially millions of dollars.

"A $250,000 firewall only solves half our problems. Catbird does more.” Director of IT, Top Research University

Data Analytics - Software-Defined Segmentation

Globys Reaps Benefits from Software-Defined Segmentation in their Virtual Datacenter. The IT team at Globys wanted to bolster segmentation within their 100% virtualized datacenter for PCI compliance and overall security. Their underlying physical network, like most, was relatively flat limiting segmentation between systems on the same subnet. They wanted to implement a solution outside of the OS, meaning host-based firewalling was not a desirable solution. Catbird Secure® provided the means for Globys to easily meet their segmentation goals logically, without change to the underlying network infrastructure. 

"Catbird provides Globys with new visibility into our network traffic, the ability to perform micro-segmentation of our virtual machines and create fine-grained ACLs all without the high price and complexity of other products” Manager of Systems Engineering at Globys

Telecom - Protecting Virtual Networks

Today’s telecommunications companies are faced with many challenges in their data centers. The explosion of bandwidth requirements, ongoing competitive threats, and increasingly complex customer requirements are forcing carriers to find efficiency and differentiation through their infrastructure designs. These new designs take advantage of Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV) to avoid the high TCO of static architectures while improving their agility. Carriers continue to be a significant target of breach attempts so these new architectures need to include a security approach that are equally agile and address the gaps created by NFV and SDN which the legacy perimeter security model fail to address.

Healthcare - Protecting Patient Data in the Cloud

Regulatory pressures, budget restrictions, and the need to manage information on mobile devices are driving Healthcare groups to seek more agile approaches to technology. It is critical for them to maintain HIPAA compliance when adopting cloud solutions. Essential to proving compliance is the ability to see activity in and between virtual machines. A massive task, organizations struggle via expensive, manual processes to provide the evidence necessary to prove compliance and — ultimately — protect their patient data.

“Breach prevention is an important trump card and HIPAA compliance is a requirement. By choosing Catbird, we’re keeping money in the company — avoiding fines and bad press.” Director of Infrastructure and Security, Jefferson Radiology

Financial Services - Rethinking the Security Stack

Financial Services enterprises are constantly under threat of attack due to the large amounts of valuable personal and financial data stored in their data centers. Frequently, Chief Security Officers and Networking Operations Managers rely on multiple tools to cover their bases and minimize risk. The complexity of managing a range of security devices is exacerbated further when infrastructure is virtualized and events become invisible to perimeter appliances. Add in a handful of audits per month and an organization can quickly be overwhelmed with the administrative nightmare of network security.

“If I had Catbird last year, it would have saved us $2,000,000 in audit costs.” CISO, Top 10 Financial Institution

Regional Bank - Simplified Security and Compliance Monitoring

While banks have always been vulnerable to theft, emerging cyber threats require a new approach to banking security. Regional banks rely on technology to manage millions of dollars in assets, often with very small IT departments. Many are virtualizing to reduce costs and increase agility. Some core processing may be outsourced, but other activities, including systems and network administration and help desk, usually occur on site and need to be continuously monitored for internal and external threats. Supporting customer conveniences, such as online banking and ATM use, opens up further security risks.

“Catbird’s state-of-the-art automated protection and compliance monitoring of both virtualized and physical servers, managed from a single portal, is the ideal solution for vigilant bank IT managers looking to sleep well at night.”  CEO, Thomaston Savings Bank