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Compliance Solutions

Catbird + Cloud = a better compliance solution

Catbird® provides continuous cloud compliance -- automated, monitored, enforced, and proven. Government agencies, financial institutions, healthcare and other regulated organizations are increasingly being tasked with addressing regulatory compliance requirements up-front when mapping out their deployment strategies. By identifying and addressing compliance challenges early on, plans can continue on schedule and new data centers can be even more secure than traditional ones.

Catbird is comprehensive: it continuously monitors, enforces, and audits more controls required by the leading regulatory standards organizations and supports the widest array of common security frameworks. Catbird includes default policies for PCI DSS, HIPAA, FISMA, SOX/COBIT and DIACAP; each policy is built upon Catbird controls which map to the appropriate compliance framework.

Catbird's service chain of security components is VM-aware and automatically configured, enabling the Catbird Control Center to correlate applied policies to the most popular compliance frameworks. This closed loop approach validates the compliance requirements, providing demonstrable compliance that is mapped to specific sections of the compliance framework. Automated control configuration with Catbird TrustZones® greatly reduces the time, effort, and costs required to demonstrate compliance during an audit. Catbird offers the broadest set of automated compliance measurements in the industry as well as auditor-ready reports and graphics.

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