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HypervisorShield Solution

Implementing automated security to protect hypervisors

The hypervisor is at the core of a virtualized computing environment, running all of the guest machines and, by extension, their applications. If compromised, the entire virtualized data center is at risk.

Catbird TrustZones® comes with a default trust zone named HypervisorShield® that gives a security architect the power to rapidly implement network level access controls to protect the hypervisors.


With Catbird HypervisorShield, it is quick and easy to implement a security envelope around the hypervisors and management nodes via Catbird TrustZones®. As an example of application specific logical zoning, the “application” is the infrastructure components themselves (the hypervisors and management nodes).


Specific purpose logical zoning implemented with the Catbird TrustZone HypervisorShield provides hypervisor protection. All other Catbird Control Components can be configured simultaneously as well.

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