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Catbird Use Cases Overview

Catbird provides visibility into and protection of virtual and cloud IT infrastructures. The below use cases provide an overview of the different reasons why our clients have chosen to implement Catbird technology.

Visibility into East-West Traffic

The adoption of virtualization and cloud technologies makes that today over 80% of all network traffic now flows and stays within virtualized Data Centers and private clouds. When using only perimeter security controls you are blind to most if not all of that traffic. Get in control and make sure you are able to visualize and analyze this intra Virtual Machine traffic. 

Learn more about how Catbird Insight allows you to do so.


For years organizations relied on a simple model that separates the untrusted outside world from the trusted internal network by deploying a strong security perimeter in between both. While security best practices state you need to segment your network to adequately protect assets, the complexity of maintaining a physically segmented network made that few organizations adopted segmentation. With software-defined security controls segmentation becomes much easier. 

Learn how Catbird allows you to implement micro-segmentation, establishing a ‘zero trust’ security zone around a specific set of resources such as a workload or application.

Protection against Lateral Spread Attacks

The facts documented in the many security threat and breach reports from companies like Verizon, Symantec and Mandiant speak for themselves. Traditional security perimeters get by-passed all the time. While still a great first line of defense, organizations need to put in place a second layer to avoid hackers who successfully got into your network can jump from one system to the next. Lateral spread attacks are the most dangerous ones.

Learn more about how Catbird can help stop those right away.

Implement Application-centric Security

Most of the technical security controls that your organization has implemented to protect your business applications reside far away from the applications themselves, in the form of a security perimeter between the Internet and your internal network. With perimeters being by-passed by hackers every single day it is time to apply a very different model to complement your existing security controls. An application-centric model which allows to wrap fine-grained security policies around each application. When a hacker gets through your security perimeter he will hit a second security layer tailored to protect that specific business application.

Learn more about how Catbird can protect the applications in your virtualized Data Center or Private cloud.

Securing VDI Implementations

VDI does not just provide cost savings through central management and address desktop security issues, but also has the potential to improve your overall security posture by determining which desktops can access which applications. With Catbird software deployed on the VDI host(s), you can group virtual desktops into logical zones. For each logical zone you can whitelist the applications the virtual desktops should have access to. You can even define an intra-zone policy preventing desktops from talking to each other. 

Learn more about how Catbird can help secure your VDI environment.

Continuous Monitoring

Many security controls are being implemented but then remain unmanaged and unmonitored. Realizing that 90% of successful breaches use basic techniques and 96% of them were avoidable, this calls for a more active form of monitoring. Continuous monitoring empowers organizations with the ability to reduce the risks associated with cyber attacks by actively identifying and reporting security control failures. 

Learn how Catbird helps achieve continuous monitoring of your virtual infrastructure.


Most organizations still handle compliance requirements as a standalone project with dedicated resources. Each compliance standard and mandate is analyzed and broken down into individual control objectives. For each of those the organization then manually validates whether controls are in place and gathers proof that the control indeed functioned as intended. While this approach may get you through an audit, it is a very time-consuming and costly way of addressing compliance requirements and associated audits. Virtualized security can bring significant assistance to achieving compliance in a more automated way. 

Learn more about how Catbird’s compliance-aware approach automatically validates the compliance requirements and provides demonstrable evidence of compliance.