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Securing Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Implementations

The Benefits of VDI

Organizations large and small are turning to virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) for good business reasons: VDI provides cost savings through central management and addresses desktop security issues. In an increasingly mobile and multi-device environment, housing sensitive information in a data center is a far more secure approach than leaving that data on a device that can be stolen or easily compromised.

But the benefits of VDI don’t stop there … VDI also has the potential to improve your overall security posture beyond the desktop. By determining which desktops can access which applications, you add a layer of segmentation that not only lowers risk but also will help meeting internal and external compliance requirements.

Catbird makes VDI even more Secure

This is where Catbird can help. By adding multi-function, orchestrated network security to VDI environments, Catbird supports compliance enforcement in regulated data centers deploying virtualized desktops. With Catbird software deployed on the VDI host(s), you can group virtual desktops into logical zones. For each logical zone you can white-list the applications the virtual desktops should have access to. You can even define an intra-zone policy preventing desktops from talking to each other.

Catbird performs essential security checks required for secure VDI approval, including:

    • Vulnerability scanning and monitoring on the virtual network
    • Enforcement of network segmentation
    • Enforcement of security isolation between zones
    • Assignment of VDI security policy per zone
    • Supporting multiple compartments co-resident at the same security level

In addition, Catbird provides essential compliance templates for VDI, including HIPAA, SOX, FISMA, PCI, DIACAP, and COBIT. For example, the Department of Defense Information Assurance Certification and Accreditation Process (DIACAP) requires that risk management is applied on information systems. With Catbird’s integrated compliance dashboard, VDI customers can analyze and visualize multiple aspects of DIACAP compliance, including boundary defense, remote access for privileged functions, remote access for user functions, access for computing facilities, amongst others. Catbird is an integral component to realizing the security objectives of any VDI deployment.

For more informations take a read of VMware's Security Solutions Architecture for VDI "A reference implementation of VMware View".