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Catbird Overview

Trust. Verify. Enforce. Security for the private and hybrid cloud

Catbird® brings the power and agility of the cloud to network security and compliance with a solution that orchestrates, validates and enforces against leading standards including PCI, FISMA and HIPAA. Catbird’s automated protection seamlessly integrates security into cloud operations by inserting controls into the virtual and software-defined network fabric delivering secure private clouds. 

Trust. Dynamic policy-based orchestration of all SANS Top 20 network controls and automated isolation for protection of all virtual assets from inception to retirement.

Verify. Continuous monitoring of security and hypervisor events for real time control validation, measured to policy and mapped to regulatory standards.

Enforce. Real time alerts and optional automated mitigation for machine-speed enforcement.

The latest release of Catbird 6.0 (formerly Catbird vSecurity) is the first solution to offer multi-hypervisor and multi-firewall integration. Catbird extends support for both VMware® and Microsoft® hypervisors as well as Cisco® Virtual Secure Gateway (VSG) and VMware vCloud® Networking and Security™ firewall applications.

Catbird Private Cloud Security

Resources to Learn More About Our Product

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