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Security for the Software-defined Data Center

Discover, visualize, and secure your assets with tunable protection applied at runtime

Catbird® enables rapid workload deployment by providing a critical layer of context-aware security, applying protection at runtime in virtualized environments. This sophisticated solution aids clients by transitioning them from siloed security appliances to a flexible virtual deployment, offering significant improvements in both detection and mitigation of misconfigurations and threats.

Why Catbird?

The perimeter security model is under increasing criticism as incomplete protection for enterprise environments. Catbird’s unique solution extends perimeter protections by enabling in-fabric visibility and control.

Catbird’s Software-defined Approach to In-fabric Security

ASSET DISCOVERY AND NETWORK VISUALIZATION You can’t protect what you can’t see. Catbird utilizes virtual sensors that deploy on your hypervisors to give you a perfect inventory of your assets. By correlating network traffic flow with the hypervisor inventory, we’ll show you exactly what is on your network. And, by placing assets in our logical asset containers, called Catbird TrustZones, our network traffic dashboard gives you a detailed, real-time view of how traffic is flowing in and out of your zones. Whether you’re planning a move to microsegmentation, or just need better insight into your east-west traffic, Catbird offers the only solution for both VMware and OpenStack that detects and maps all VM activity throughout the data center.

TUNABLE RUNTIME SECURITY Our innovative Catbird TrustZones technology enables microsegmentation by providing a construct of security control configurations (e.g. vulnerability scanning, IDS/IPS, Netflow) that are applied via policy to workloads at runtime. This customized protection follows VMs, even as they move around, from inception to retirement.

CONTINUOUS MONITORING OF SECURITY AND COMPLIANCE POLICIES Catbird continuously monitors for the efficacy of applied security controls, alerts on drift and optionally enforces policies, while providing evidence of control for top compliance frameworks (e.g. PCI, HIPAA, FISMA).

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