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Defense-in-depth security controls

Catbird CapabilitiesCatbird enables a secure and compliant virtual and private cloud infrastructure. Catbird ensures IT can meet the full complement of auditor-required network security controls for virtualization security with a set of features that encompass the seven requirements common to all compliance standards:

  • Auditing: Catbird captures a rich event stream from its broad offering of technical controls to confirm security posture, generate alerts and trigger workflow.
  • Inventory Management: Catbird automatically detects VMs and then enforces security policy through immediate quarantine of any VM out of compliance.
  • Access Control: Catbird ensures VMs are appropriately managed and isolated, irrespective of changes in VM or virtual network configuration.
  • Configuration Management: Monitors network activity and enforces network configurations.
  • Change Management: Monitors for changes that may compromise security and compliance posture. Provides manual and policy-based enforcement actions.
  • Incident Response: Alerts for security policy violations and takes enforcement actions to mitigate and maintain compliance.
  • Vulnerability Management: Provides network-based checks on the VM and hypervisor configuration, including credentialed checks against file formats.

Catbird features are built upon multi-function technical controls. Protection built on multifunction, correlated controls means stronger security and compliance. For example, a firewall misconfiguration could be detected by IDS and the hypervisor, then mitigated with IPS. Features are completely automated as is the orchestration of these controls at the TrustZone and VM level.

Learn about the Catbird architecture.